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Meyer G., Naumann D., Wesemann L. (eds.) Inorganic Chemistry in Focus III

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Meyer G., Naumann D., Wesemann L. (eds.) Inorganic Chemistry in Focus III
Wiley, 2006. — 378 p.
Metal clusters are on the brink between molecules and nanoparticles in size. With molecular, nano-scale, metallic as well as non-metallic aspects, metal clusters are a growing, interdisciplinary field with numerous potential applications in chemistry, catalysis, materials and nanotechnology.
This third volume in the series of hot topics from inorganic chemistry covers all recent developments in the field of metal clusters, with some 20 contributions providing an in-depth view. The result is a unique perspective, illustrating all facets of this interdisciplinary area:
Inter-electron Repulsion and Irregularities in the Chemistry of Transition Series
Stereochemical Activity of Lone Pairs in Heavier Main Group Element Compounds
How Close to Close Packing?
Forty-Five Years of Praseodymium Diiodide
Centered Zirconium Clusters
Titanium Niobium Oxychlorides
Trinuclear Molybdenum and Tungsten Cluster Chalcogenides
Current State of (B,C,N)-Compounds of Calcium and Lanthanum
Ternary Phases of Lithium with Main-Group and Late-Transition Metals
Polar Intermetallics and Zintl Phases along the Zintl Border
Rare Earth Zintl Phases
Structure-Property Relationships in Intermetallics
Ternary and Quaternary Niobium Arsenide Zintl Phases
The Building Block Approach to Understanding Main-Group-Metal Complex Structures
Cation-Deficient Quaternary Thiospinels
A New Class of Hybrid Materials via Salt Inclusion Synthesis
Layered Perrhenate and Vanadate Hybrid Solids
Hydrogen Bonding in Metal Halides
Syntheses and Catalytic Properties of Titanium Nitride Nanoparticles
Solventless Thermolysis
New Potential Scintillation Materials in Borophosphate Systems.
With its didactical emphasis, this volume addresses a wide readership, such that both students and specialists will profit from the expert contributions.
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