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Темы по практике речи английского языка

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Темы по практике речи английского языка
Для студентов ин. яза .
Speak about a business entity. How would you define it? What company structures do you know? Give advantages and disadvantages of all of them? Where would you prefer to work? Why?
What definition of entrepreneurship can you give? Why is small business ownership associated with personal risk? What it takes to start your business?
What does the notion ‘globalization’ imply? Why do some people see globalization as a panacea to higher living standards across the world and others see it as a malign force that increases inequality and threatens living standards?
What are the most significant factors, which constitute the corporate culture of your department? What would you recommend to a person who would want to work at your department as a teacher?
What impact are developments in information technology having on the way companies are organized? How do you see business in the 21st century?
What are the ways of making decisions in different countries? What is the demeanor there?
Speak on business ethics. Is it an indispensable part of modern world?
A job-seeker’s portfolio contains a resume/CV. Give advice for those who are on the pathway of getting a job.
Cyberspace. What are advantages of using robots instead of people? What types of task do you think robots’ll be capable of doing in the future?
What do you think about ‘future worlds’? What will change in our life? Make your predictions.
Speak on medicine of the future: endoscopic surgery, genetic engineering, and cloning. What are their positive and negative aspects? How can they influence further development of the mankind?
Dwell on space technology: its history and further possible steps in space exploration.
Speak on the inventions, which have contributed much to the development of the mankind.
magine that you work for the International Tourism organization Speak in Modern trends in tourism. Characterize the trends in tourism in Russia.
Speak on the main jobs in tourism. What are their common features? Which are very attractive to you? Why?
Speak on the major kinds of tourist promotion. What are their means? What are advantages and disadvantages?
Speak on organizing business and conference venues. Are business trevellers different from others? What are convention facilities?
Business Travel and Tourism. Do they differ in their purposes, organization and promotion?
Marketing the past. What do you need for a guided tour to appear fabulous?
Tourism is the best leisure! ?
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