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Meyer Stephenie. New Moon (outtakes & extras)

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Meyer Stephenie. New Moon (outtakes & extras)
Вырезанные и неопубликованные части книги "Новолуние", а также экстра части
Outtakes :
1. Jacob (the first draft of "New Moon". Bella doesn't know that Jacob is werewolf. Beginning from the scene, where Jacob saves Bella after "cliff diving")
2. Narcotics ( Scene from the end of Chapter 2 of "New Moon", celebration of Bella's birthday, only a few lines are different. In the 1st draft, Carlisle gave Bella drugs for the pain of her injuries, and she had an unusual reaction)
3. Scholarship ( this is the largest section that was cut out of "New Moon"; it's most of the original Chapter 6, plus secen short scenes that continued the storyline of the "scholarship")
1. Jacob (here is a brief summation of the story thus far, if you are Jacob Black)
2. Miscalculation (little portion from Rosalie's point of view; phone call between Alice and Rosalie in Chapter 18 of "New Moon")
3. Rosalie (phone call between Edward and Rosalie, when she informed him about Alice's vision of Bella's death)
Язык: английский
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