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Matsagar V. (Ed.). Advances in Structural Engineering: Mechanics, Vol. 1

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Matsagar V. (Ed.). Advances in Structural Engineering: Mechanics, Vol. 1
Springer, 2015. - 764 pp. ISBN 978-81-322-2190-6 (eBook)
I am delighted that the Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi has hosted the eagerly awaited and much coveted 9th Structural Engineering Convention (SEC2014). The biennial convention has attracted a diverse range of civil and structural engineering practitioners, academicians, scholars and industry delegates, with the reception of abstracts including more than 1,500 authors from different parts of the world. This event is an exceptional platform that brings together a wide spectrum of structural engineering topics such as advanced structural materials, blast resistant design of structures, computational solid mechanics, concrete materials and structures, earthquake engineering, fire engineering, random vibrations, smart materials and structures, soil-structure interaction, steel structures, structural dynamics, structural health monitoring, structural stability, wind engineering, to name a few. More than 350 full-length papers have been received, among which a majority of the contributions are focused on theoretical and computer simulation-based research, whereas a few contributions are based on laboratory-scale experiments. Amongst these manuscripts, 205 papers have been included in the Springer proceedings after a thorough three-stage review and editing process. All the manuscripts submitted to the SEC2014 were peer-reviewed by at least three independent reviewers, who were provided with a detailed review proforma. The comments from the reviewers were communicated to the authors, who incorporated the suggestions in their revised manuscripts. The recommendations from three reviewers were taken into consideration while selecting a manuscript for inclusion in the proceedings. The exhaustiveness of the review process is evident, given the large number of articles received addressing a wide range of research areas. The stringent review process ensured that each published manuscript met the rigorous academic and scientific standards. It is an exalting experience to finally see these elite contributions materialise into three book volumes as SEC2014 proceedings by Springer entitled Advances in Structural Engineering. The articles are organised into three volumes in some broad categories covering subject matters on mechanics, dynamics and materials, although given the diverse areas of research reported it might not have been always possible.
Volume 1
Part I Computational Solid/Structural Mechanics
Part II Thermal Stress Analysis
Part III Mathematical, Numerical, Optimization Techniques
Part IV Blast/Impact Mechanics
Part V Strengthening and Retrofitting of Structures
Part VI Joints/Connections and Structural Behaviour
Part VII Offshore Structures and Soil-Structure Interactions
Author Index
Subject Index
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