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Mendelson A. Plasticity: Theory and Application

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Mendelson A. Plasticity: Theory and Application
The Macmillan Company, 1968. – 353 pp. Macmillan series in applied mechanics
This book is the result of the author's teaching for several years of a graduate course in plasticity for engineers at Case Institute of Technology. It was soon realized that although a number of excellent books on plasticity were available, none of them adequately met the requirements of the course.The available books were either too theoretical and mathematical for the average engineer and designer, or their main emphasis was placed on problems of large plastic deformations such as are encountered in metal-forming processes. Very little has been published in textbook form on the most important class of elastoplastic problems, in which the plastic strains are of the same order of magnitude as the elastic strains, which are of such prime concern to today's engineer. Furthermore, where such problems are treated, the usual assumptions of perfect plasticity are used, no attempt being made to take into account the strain-hardening properties of real materials.
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