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Doltsinis I. Elements of Plasticity. Theory and Computation

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Doltsinis I. Elements of Plasticity. Theory and Computation
2nd Ed., WIT Press, 2010. – 321 pp.
The good reception to the first edition in academia as well as among practising engineers and the positive echo throughout the professional community have been understood as an obligation to continue caring about the contents of the book. Using Elements of Plasticity in the class as a companion textbook to the related course taught by the author at Stuttgart University revealed, over the years, space for improvements, now implemented in the second edition. It is anticipated that the
readership will benefit even more from the revised text, which has been supplemented where advisable.
Apart from the impulses that came while teaching the subject, helpful suggestions have been contributed by readers of the book. As in the first edition, the author has pleasure in acknowledging the indispensable assistance of Grethe Knapp Christiansen in processing the text. Thanks are due to the Publishers for encouraging the project and for its efficient realization.
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