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Chakrabarty J. Theory of Plasticity

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Chakrabarty J. Theory of Plasticity
3rd ed. — Elsevier, 2006. – 895 pp.
Since its first publication, Theory of Plasticity has been well received by both students and instructors across the world, and has been generally recognized as a useful exposition of the mechanics of plastic deformation of metals.The many encouraging comments I have received over the years from professors and researchers in the field of plasticity have prompted me to prepare a revised third edition of the book.
Although several other works on plasticity have appeared since the first publication of this book, there is apparently none that deals with the specific are as of application treated in this book with comparable degrees of completeness.
The major addition to this third edition consists of the addition of a new Chapter 9 that deals with numerical methods of solving elastic/plastic problems, using both the finite difference and finite element methods.A new section has been added to Chapter 4 to discuss the limit analysis of space frames, including grillages, which involve beams under combined loading. A number of recent references to the published literature on plasticity are made in appropriate footnotes through out the book.
A set of new homework problems is also included at the end of several chapters for the benefit of both the student and the instructor, and worked solutions for instructors are provided on the accompanying website at http://textbooks.elsevier.com.
It is hoped that this new edition will continue to be useful for teaching and research in the field of plasticity. Though intended primarily for graduate students, there is also material in the book that could be used for senior undergraduate students and by practicing engineers. The book will also serve as a suitable reference work for numerous other courses related to solid mechanics.
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