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Eckstein W. Computer Simulation of Ion-Solid Interactions

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Eckstein W. Computer Simulation of Ion-Solid Interactions
Springer, 1991. 296 p.
This book deals with computer simulation of the processes that occur when projectiles hit the surface of an amorphous, crystalline or polycrystalline solid. Only atomic particles, neutral or charged, are considered as possible projectiles. The word "ion" appearing in the title reflects the fact that charged atomic particles are most often used experimentally, although neutral atoms would show the same effects in most cases. The main processes treated here are the penetration of atomic particles into the target, back scattering from and transmission through the target, the removal of target atoms due to sputtering and the creation of damage in the target. The general theme could alternatively be described as atomic collisions in solids and at the surface. All these processes have many applications, for example, for implantation in semiconductors. Scattering processes are important in surface chemical and structural analysis. Sputtering is used for the production of thin films, in surface analysis techniques and surface cleaning procedures. The processes of sputtering, backscattering and implantation are of crucial importance at the walls of plasma machines for fusion, and indeed in all plasma apparatus. The damage caused by atomic particles in the materials used for nuclear reactors is another vital topic. This monograph presents the physics required for a study of the relevant collision processes by means of computer simulations.
The binary collision model
Classical dynamics model
Interaction potentials
Inelastic energy loss
Thermal vibrations and specific energies
Programs based on the BCA model
Programs based on the classical dynamics model
Radiation damage
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