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Hirschel E.H., Krause E. (Eds.) 100 Volumes of 'Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics': 40 Years of Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics in Retrospect

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Hirschel E.H., Krause E. (Eds.) 100 Volumes of 'Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics': 40 Years of Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics in Retrospect
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2009. — XVIII, 506 p. — ISBN 978-3-540-70804-9 e,-ISBN 978-3-540-70805-6 — (Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design, Vol. 100).
History and State-of-the-art of computational Fluid Mechanics

Celebrating 100 volumes of NNFM and 40 years of Numerical Fluid Mechanics, written by worldwide leading researchers and practitioners

Well balanced combination of theoretical and experimental research useful for engineers, physicists, computer scientists and practitioners
This volume contains 37 invited contributions, collected to celebrate one hundred volumes of the NNFM Series. After a general introduction overviews are given in five parts of the developments in numerical fluid mechanics and related fields. In the first part information about the series is given, its origins are discussed, as well as its environment and the German and European high-performance computer scene. In Part II the co-editors of the series give short surveys over developments in their countries. Current applications, mainly in the aerospace sector, but also in the automotive sector, are discussed in Part III. Applications to flow problems in engineering and physics, ranging from hydraulic machinery to astrophysics, are the topics of Part IV. Algorithms, computer science, commercial CFD, public partnerships in high-performance computing, and hardware development up to petaflops computers are treated in Part V. All volumes, which were published in the series finally are listed in Part VI.
Content Level » Professional/practitioner
Keywords » Computational Methods - Dynamics - Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics -Numerical Methods - algorithms - computational fluid dynamics - evolution - finite element method- finite elements - fluid dynamics - fluid mechanics - modeling - optimization - simulation – uncer
Related subjects » Classical Continuum Physics - Computational Intelligence and Complexity -Computational Science & Engineering - Mechanics - Theoretical, Mathematical & Computational Physics - Theoretical Computer Science
Table of Contents
The NNFM Series and its Origins
The NNFM Series
The Origin of the Series in the GAMM-Committee for Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics
The Environment of the Series in the Initial Phase
German and EU High-Performance Computation Centers
Co-Editors Forum: Selected Worldwide Developments
General Developments of Numerical Fluid Mechanics Until the Middle of the 20th Century
Golden Age of French CFD in the 1970-80s: Aerodynamics with Finite Elements and the European Multi-Physics HERMES Program
Code Development in the German Aerospace Industry up to the Mid 1990s
Discontinuities in Compressible Flows: Italian Contributions
Flashback: 30 Years Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics in Japan, other Asian Countries and the Western Pacific Rim
Computational Fluid Mechanics in Russia
CFD Developments in the Northern European Countries
Some Developments in Computational Aerodynamics in the UK
The Development of Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics since the 1960s: US and Canada
Current Applications of Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics/Aerodynamics
European Numerical Aerodynamics Simulation Systems
Numerical Aerodynamics in Transport Aircraft Design
Numerical Aerothermodynamic Design in the European Space Industry
The Second International Vortex Flow Experiment (VFE-2): Status 2007
Large-Eddy Simulations of Flow Problems of Aeronautical Industry
Issues of Multidisciplinary Design
Evolutionary Optimisation Methods with Uncertainty for Modern Multidisciplinary Design in Aeronautical Engineering
CFD Application in Automotive Industry
Applications to Flow Problems in Engineering and Physics
Performance Upgrading of Hydraulic Machinery with the Help of CFD
Calculating Blast Loads for Civil Engineering Structures
Numerical Modelling of Technical Combustion
Kinetic Modeling and Simulation of Environmental and Civil Engineering Flow Problems
CFD in Process Engineering
Computational Electromagnetics
Computer Modelling of Magnetically Confined Plasmas
Frontiers in Computational Geophysics: Simulations of Mantle Circulation, Plate Tectonics and Seismic Wave Propagation
Solar System Plasmadynamics and Space Weather
Numerical Fluid Dynamics in Astrophysics
Algorithms, Computer Science and Computers
Multigrid Software for Industrial Applications - From MG00 to SAMG
Computer Science and Numerical Fluid Mechanics – An Essential Cooperation
Commercial CFD in the Service of Industry: The First 25 Years
High Performance Computing in Academia and Industry - An Example for a Private Public Partnership in HPC
Computer Hardware Development as a Basis for Numerical Simulation
Petaflops Computers and Beyond.
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