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LIS Korea. Express Yourself 1

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LIS Korea. Express Yourself 1
Published 2010 by Lis Korea (Colorful Edition)
105 pages.
Reading & Topic Discussion Textbook for Intermediate and Advanced Students.
- 25 Contemporary Issues with 25 Topical Dialogues
- 399 Topical Questions
- 61 Opinion Samples
TEACHING SPEAKING ENGLISH IS EASY with Express Yourself. The book includes short 3-4 paragraph articles about different things. Each issue provides for a variety of topics for discussion by a various Opinion Samples. Dialogue over each issue associated with each student to learn a variety of colloquialisms are asked to. We first start with a textbook that led to conversations. We would read one article per class and discuss the article. There are discussion questions in the book you can follow to aid the flow of discussion.
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