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Bansal P. Elements of Fashion and Apparel Designing

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Bansal P. Elements of Fashion and Apparel Designing
Jaipur, India: Book Enclave, 2008. — 268 p. — ISBN 978-81-8152-201-6.
The Apparel and Textile Design major provides students with professional preparation in designing apparel and textile soft goods. Students create and evaluate designs considering interactions among the person, the product, and the environments in which they are used. Students are taught to assess the needs, values, goals, and resources as they propose design solutions. Products are designed to promote comfort, performance, and aesthetic satisfaction. The ultimate aim is to improve-the quality of life and the quality of the environment.
Elements of Fashion and Apparel.
Exotic Impulses in Fashion and Apparel.
Fashion Design and Product Development.
Female to Feminine.
Fashion Entrepreneurship.
Fashion Photography.
Lingerie to Swim wear.
Using Perfume and Techniques of Make-Up.
Fashion Merchandising.
Fashion and its Formation.
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