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Luther C. (Ed.) Career in Textile & Fashion Designing

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Luther C. (Ed.) Career in Textile & Fashion Designing
Chandigarh, India: Abhishek Publications, 2008. — 120 p. — ISBN 81-8247-100-1.
The word fashion invokes a myriad of patterns in our mind that not just reflect upon the creativity of a person, but rather the whole persona of the designer comes into the fore. The word itself creates an aura of glamour and the conceptuality and the creativity of an individual. It talks volumes about the latent talent and the way one perceives fashion. Fashion is an industry which as become a serious business, where lot hard work goes in visualized fantasy.
When we talk about designing, it is not just about the garment but the textile, the feel, the accessories it comprises of, the whole appearance and how well it is carried out on the ramp. How well it is accepted depends on how appealing it looks to catch the fancy of the people who can make or mar the designer's reputation.
This book is a compilation of all the essential facts one needs to know to make a career in fashion and textile designing. The details in the book depict the practicalities of the two fields of creativity, which go into making a work worth appreciation and admiration.
Textile Designing

Careers in Textile Designing.
Tasks and Skills of a Textile Designer.
Job Outlook for Textile Designers.
Textiles - A Historical Perspective.
Preparing Fabric for Use.
Check the Grain Line Before You Buy.
Returning the Fabric to Grain Perfection.
Pre-shrinking of Fabrics.
Wool Fabric Types.
Wool Preparation.
Sewing with Knit Fabric.
Selecting Interfacing.
Types of Interfacing: Fabric and Stretch.
Types of Interfacing: Application.
Jute: The Golden Fibre.
Twist Balance.
Technologies Used in Textile Designing.
Use of Computers in Textile Industry.
Various Systems Used in Apparel Industry.
Textile Terminology (A-H).
Textile Terminology (1-Z).
Fashion Designing
The Purpose of Clothing.
Haute Couture.
Haute Couture Caters for Exclusive Customers.
Fashion Designers.
Natural Fibres.
Man-made Fibres.
Types of Cotton.
Other Types of Fabrics.
Cross Stitch.
Exploring Pattern Possibilities with Cross Stitch.
Pattern Making in Cross Stitch.
Giving New Look to Normal Clothes.
How to Start a Good Pattern.
Tips for making a T-shirt.
Making a Neat and Round Neck.
About Blueprints.
Tips for copying a Design onto Fabric.
Choosing Fabric for Plus-sized Designs.
Types of Fabric for Plus-sized Designs.
Wide or Narrow Pants.
Designing the Perfect Gown.
Computers in the Field of Fashion Designing.
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