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Joseph-Armstrong H. Patternmaking for Fashion Design

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Joseph-Armstrong H. Patternmaking for Fashion Design
5-th Ed. — Boston: Prentice Hall, 2010. — 819 p. — ISBN 0-13-501876-5.
Suitable for beginners and experienced patternmakers, this book's breadth of topics and detailed coverage allows students to grow as their skills progress. This edition features a new fashion and technical illustration programme that was revamped to reflect a more contemporary and culturally diverse look. A new chapter on childrenswear has been added to this edition. Other features include: fashion sketches and technical illustrations for every technique; menswear additions - basic techniques to fit the male form; a figure analysis chapter; intricate styles; tables and charts identifying measurements and other useful techniques.
Part 1
Patternmaking Essentials for the Workroom.
Form Measurements and Figure Analysis.
Drafting the Basic Pattern Set.
Part 2
Dart Manipulation (Principle #1).
Designing with Darts (Tuck-Darts, Pleats, Flares, and Gathers).
Added Fullness (Principle #2).
Yokes, Flanges, Pin Tucks, and Pleat Tucks.
Contouring (Principle #3).
Part 3
Built-Up Necklines.
Skirts/Circles and Cascades.
Kimono, Raglan, Drop Shoulder, and Exaggerated Armholes.
Part 4
Buttons, Buttonholes, and Facings.
Plackets and Pockets.
Part 5
Dresses Without Waistline Seams (Based on Torso Foundation).
Strapless Foundation and Interconstruction.
Patternmaking for Bias-Cut Dresses.
Part 6
Women’s Jackets and Coats.
Men’s Wear.
Capes and Hoods.
Knock-Off Copying Ready-Made Designs.
Part 7
Knits—Stretch and Shrinkage Factors.
Knit Top Foundations.
Activewear for Dance and Exercise.
Part 8
Introduction to Childrenswear.
Drafting the Basic Pattern Set: Measurement Taking and Standard Measurement Charts.
Collars, Sleeves, and Skirts.
Dresses and Jumpers.
Pants and Jumpsuits.
Bodysuits, Leotards, Maillots, and Swimwear.
Bibliographic Credits
Answers to Self-Evaluation Tests
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