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Sellen D. The British Isles

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Sellen D. The British Isles
Blаck Cаt, 2011. — 95 pages. — (Reading & Training — Discovery)
Level: Pre-intermediate (B1.1).
Некоторые слова и выражения объясняются в комментариях-сносках. С упражнениями.
‘The British Isles’ is a geographical description. We use it to describe England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, including both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In other words the British Isles are the two biggest islands, Great Britain and Ireland, and all the small islands around them.
The British Isles.
From the Iron Age to the Golden Age.
From the Gunpowder Plot to Global Warming.
Dossiers: Great British Scientists and Inventors & The British Isles and Films.
The British Isles tells the story of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. It includes the most important events in their history from the Bronze Age to the twenty-first century.
This reader uses the Expansive reading approach, where the text becomes a springboard to improve language skills and to explore historical background, cultural connections and other topics suggested by the text. As well as the story, written in British English, this reader contains:
A wide range of activities practising the four skills.
Dossiers: Great British Scientists and Inventors and The British Isles and Films.
Internet projects.
PET-style activities and T rinity-style activities (Grades 4/5).
A full recording of the text
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