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Tyrrell J. The General History of England. Volume I

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Tyrrell J. The General History of England. Volume I
London, 1700. – 366 p.
The General History of England, both Ecclesiastical and Civil; From the Earliest Accounts of Time, To the Reign of His Present Majesty, King William III. Taken from the most Ancient Records, Manuscripts, and Printed Historians. With Memorials of the most Eminent Persons in Church and State. As also the Foundations of the most Noted Monasteries, and both Universities.
The Epistle Dedicatory.
The Preface to the Reader.
The General Introduction to the whole Work.
The Table to the Preface and Introduction.
Addenda & Corrigenda.
The General History of Britain, Now Called England: as well Ecclesiastical, as Civil.
From the Earliest Accounts of Time, to the First Coming of Julius Caesar.
Containing the Annals of England, from the First Landing Julius Caesar, to the Romans Total Desertion thereof, being about Four Hundred and Ninety Years.
From its Desertion by the Romans, to the Preaching of Christianity by Augustine the Monk, being One hundred Sixty two Years.
From the Preaching of the Christian Religion by Augustine the Monk, to Egbert, the first Chief of Supreme King of England; containing Two Hundred and Three Years.
From the beginning of the Reign of King Egbert, to that of King Edgar; Being the space of One Hundred Fifty Six Years and an Half.
Containing the General History of England from the Reign of King Edgar, to the Death of King Harold; being One hundred and seventeen Years.
Index. Note, The Numbers signify so many of the same Name.
An Alphabetical Table of the Principal Matters contained in this History.
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