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Weiss Gilbert, Wodak Ruth (eds.) Critical Discourse Analysis. Theory and Interdisciplinarity

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Weiss Gilbert, Wodak Ruth (eds.) Critical Discourse Analysis. Theory and Interdisciplinarity
Palgrave Macmillan, 2003. — 321 p.
This volume was inspired by a stimulating conference in Vienna in July 2000. Most of the contributors discuss the problems and issues of Critical Discourse Analysis and Interdisciplinarity here. The questions which are raised in the book lead us from abstract reflections on theory building to aspects of application of empirical results and to political practice.
Introduction: Theory, Interdisciplinarity and Critical Discourse Analysis
Gilbert Weiss and Ruth Wodak
Critical ≠ Critical ≠ Critical
Critical Discourse Analysis and the Rhetoric of Critique
Michael Billig
Critical Discourse Analysis and the Development of the New Science
Carlos A.M. Gouveia
Reflexivity and the Doubles of Modern Man: The Discursive Construction of Anthropological Subject Positions
Marianne W. Jørgensen
Debating and Practising Interdisciplinarity
The Discourse-Knowledge Interface
Teun A. van Dijk
Critical Discourse Analysis and Evaluative Meaning: Interdisciplinarity as a Critical Turn
Phil Graham
Texts and Discourses in the Technologies of Social Organization
Jay L. Lemke
Identities in Flux: Arabs and Jews in Israel
Marcelo Dascal
Political and Somatic Alignment: Habitus, Ideology and Social Practice
Suzanne Scollon
Voicing the ‘Other’: Reading and Writing Indigenous Australians
Jim R. Martin
From Theory to Social and Political Practice
Activist Sociolinguistics in a Critical Discourse Analysis Perspective
Patricia E. O’Connor
Discourse at Work: When Women Take On the Role of Manager
Luisa Martín Rojo and Concepción Gómez Esteban
Cross-Cultural Representation of ‘Otherness’ in Media Discourse
Carmen Rosa Caldas-Coulthard
Interaction between Visual and Verbal Communication: Changing Patterns in the Printed Media
Christine Anthonissen
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