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Makarova Halyna. Learn Ukrainian: An Elementary Practical Course In Conversational Ukrainian

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Makarova Halyna. Learn Ukrainian: An Elementary Practical Course In Conversational Ukrainian
Kiev: Vyshcha Shkola, 1975. — 255p.
A beginner's text of the Ukrainian language comprising two parts. Treats the Ukrainian alphabet and pronunciation, including stress and intonation, in the nine lessons of part one. Provides diagrams of the speech organs. Describes grammar in the twenty-one lessons of part two which covers such topics as noun declension and case forms, verb conjugations, adjectives, numerals, telling the time, pronouns, etc. Contains an introduction that briefly summarizes the lesson contents. Provides explanatory notes and exercises for the lessons in part one. Gives notes in English and examples in Ukrainian, often translated and in chart or table form. Includes drawings to clarify vocabulary and grammatical points covered in the text. Contains exercises such as identification drills, oral repetition, transformation and substitution drills, question and answer drills, reading practice, and guided composition/conversation practice. Follows the same format for part two except: lessons begin with several dialogues in Ukrainian and a Ukrainian-English vocabulary, and additional dialogues supplement the reading texts in the exercises. Contains two review chapters with explanations and exercises. Includes an answer key to the exercises, and a Ukrainian-English glossary (with case forms and derivatives). Also includes an Appendix of Ukrainian-English lexicons for the days of the week, seasons and months of the year, personal names used in the text, colors, and numerals.
p.s. Прекрасный учебник для начинающих изучать українську мову англоязычных студентов.
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