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Quay Rüdiger. Gallium Nitride Electronics

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Quay Rüdiger. Gallium Nitride Electronics
Springer, 2008. — XXIX, 470 p. — ISBN 978-3-540-71892-5.
Gallium Nitride Electronics covers developments in III-N semiconductor-based electronics with a focus on high-power and high-speed RF applications. Material properties of III-N semiconductors and substrates; the state-of-the-art of devices and circuits, epitaxial growth, device technology, modelling and characterization; and circuit examples are discussed. The book concludes with device reliability aspects and an overview of integration and packaging. This comprehensive monograph and tutorial is based on more than a decade of research on materials, devices, and circuits. It is of interest to graduate students of electrical engineering, communication engineering, and physics; to materials, device, and circuit engineers in research and industry; and to all scientists with a general interest in advanced electronics.
III-N Materials, and the State-of-the-Art of Devices and Circuits.

State-of-the-Art of Materials Research.
Polar Semiconductors for Electronics.
Electrical and Thermal Limitations of Materials and Devices.
Substrates for Electronic Devices.
State-of-the-Art of Devices and Circuits.
Applications Issues.
Epitaxy for III-N-Based Electronic Devices.
The AlGaN/GaN Material System.
Indium-Based Compounds and Heterostructures.
Doping and Defects.
Epitaxial Device Design.
Device Processing Technology.
Processing Issues.
Device Isolation.
Contact Formation.
Etching and Recess Processes.
Surface Engineering and Device Passivation.
Gate Dielectrics.
Processing for High-Temperature Operation.
Backside Processing.
Device Characterization and Modeling.
Device Characteristics.
Frequency Dispersion.
Small-Signal Characterization, Analysis, and Modeling.
Large-Signal Analysis and Modeling.
Linearity Analysis and Modeling.
Noise Analysis.
Circuit Considerations and III-N Examples.
Passive Circuit Modeling.
High-Voltage High-Power Amplifiers.
Robust GaN Low-Noise Amplifiers.
Oscillators, Mixers, and Attenuators.
Reliability Aspects and High-Temperature Operation.
An Overview of Device Testing and of Failure Mechanisms.
Analysis of Nitride-Specific Degradation Mechanisms.
Failure Analysis.
Radiation Effects.
High-Temperature Operation.
Integration, Thermal Management, and Packaging.
Passive MMIC Technologies.
Integration Issues.
Thermal Management. Device and MMIC Packaging.
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