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Thomas R., McSharry P. Big Data Revolution: What farmers, doctors and insurance agents teach us about discovering big data patterns

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Thomas R., McSharry P. Big Data Revolution: What farmers, doctors and insurance agents teach us about discovering big data patterns
NY: Wiley, 2015. — 288 p. — ISBN 978-1-118-94371-7.
Big Data Revolution is a guide to improving performance, making better decisions, and transforming business through the effective use of Big Data. In this collaborative work by an IBM Vice President of Big Data Products and an Oxford Research Fellow, this book presents inside stories that demonstrate the power and potential of Big Data within the business realm. Readers are guided through tried-and-true methodologies for getting more out of data, and using it to the utmost advantage. This book describes the major trends emerging in the field, the pitfalls and triumphs being experienced, and the many considerations surrounding Big Data, all while guiding readers toward better decision making from the perspective of a data scientist.
Companies are generating data faster than ever before, and managing that data has become a major challenge. With the right strategy, Big Data can be a powerful tool for creating effective business solutions – but deep understanding is key when applying it to individual business needs. Big Data Revolution provides the insight executives need to incorporate Big Data into a better business strategy, improving outcomes with innovation and efficient use of technology.
Examine the major emerging patterns in Big DataConsider the debate surrounding the ethical use of dataRecognize patterns and improve personal and organizational performanceMake more informed decisions with quantifiable results
In an information society, it is becoming increasingly important to make sense of data in an economically viable way. It can drive new revenue streams and give companies a competitive advantage, providing a way forward for businesses navigating an increasingly complex marketplace. Big Data Revolution provides expert insight on the tool that can revolutionize industries.
Berkeley, 1930s
Pattern Recognition
Committing to One Percent
The Big Data Revolution
Storytelling (Continued)
The Revolution Starts Now: 9 Industries Transforming with Data
Transforming Farms with Data
Why Doctors Will Have Math Degrees
Revolutionizing Insurance: Why Actuaries Will Become Data Scientists
Personalizing retail and fashion
Transforming Customer relationships with data
Intelligent Machines
Government and Society
Corporate Sustainability
Weather and Energy
Learning from Patterns in Big Data
Pattern Recognition
Why Patterns in Big Data Have Emerged
Patterns in Big Data
Leading the Revolution
The Data Opportunity
Patterns in Big Data
Big Data Architecture
Business View Reference Architecture
Logical View Reference Architecture
The Architecture of the Future
The Time is Now
Taking Action
Fear not Usual Competitors
The Future
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