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Bhandari B. Handbook of food powders Processes and properties

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Bhandari B. Handbook of food powders Processes and properties
Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2013. — 682 p.
This book contains twenty-fi ve chapters that cover three major aspects offood powders. Within Part I, chapters 1 to 6 provide a general overview of powders (Chapter 1) and the principles, techniques, applications and limitations of the various powder manufacturing processes. This part of the book reviews a wide range of processing technologies, including spray drying, freeze drying, drum drying, and crystallization and grinding. Chapters 7 to 9 focus on the further processing of powders (agglomeration, fl uidization and powder mixing) in order to achieve the desired properties, and also consider composite powder products. Chapters 10 and 11 are concerned with the challenges posed for the industry in safely producing, storing and conveying food powders. In particular, Chapter 11 is dedicated to the health and explosion risks of powders, which must be recognized in order to ensure process safety during powder production, further processing and handling. Chapters 12 to 16 are related to powder properties and functionality and their analytical methods. This part of the book not only includes the bulk and particle properties, but also focuses on powder rehydration, surface composition, caking, protein denaturation, fat oxidation and Maillard browning. The methods used to analyse the size of powder particles are examined in a separate chapter (Chapter 13), due to its prime importance in powder handling and processing. Chapters 17 to 25 are a unique compilation of a wide variety of specialized food powders in one publication. These chapters summarize the processing and functional properties of powders made from milk, eggs, tea and coffee, fruits and vegetables, cereals, spices and herbs and even microorganisms and enzymes.
This book intends to review the information that is available regarding a variety of powder producing processes and a variety of food powders, rather than focusing on only one process and one commodity group. Since some of the topics included in this book are complex, an overview of such topics is provided to point the reader in the right direction.
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