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Pahlavani M.R. (Ed.) Measurements in Quantum Mechanics

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Pahlavani M.R. (Ed.) Measurements in Quantum Mechanics
InTech, Rijeka, Croatia, 2012, 348 pages, ISBN 978-953-51-0058-4
Perhaps quantum mechanics is viewed as the most remarkable development in 20th century physics. Each successful theory is exclusively concerned about "results of measurement". Quantum mechanics point of view is completely different from classical physics in measurement, because in microscopic world of quantum mechanics, a direct measurement as classical form is impossible. Therefore, over the years of developments of quantum mechanics, always challenging part of quantum mechanics lies in measurements.
This book has been written by an international invited group of authors and it is created to clarify different interpretation about measurement in quantum mechanics.
Measurement in Quantum Mechanics: Decoherence and the Pointer Basis
Time as Quantum Observable, Canonical Conjugated to Energy
Order of Time Derivatives in Quantum-Mechanical Equations
Theory of Weak Value" and Quantum Mechanical Measurements
Generalized Non-Relativistic Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
A Statistical Derivation of Non-Relativistic Quantum Theory
The Quantum Completeness Problem
Quantum Correlations in Successive Spin Measurements
The Gluon Emission Model for Vector Meson Decay
Vector Correlations in Collision of Atom and Diatomic Molecule
Schrödinger Transform of Image: A New Tool for Image Analysis
Entanglement in Two and Three Quantum Mechanical Systems
Quantum Spin Coherent Electron Correlation
Toward Automatic Regularization for Feynman Loop Integrals in Perturbative Quantum Field Theory
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