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Polkinghorne J.C. The Quantum World

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Polkinghorne J.C. The Quantum World
London, "Longman", 1984, -110 p.
The Quantum World" is a tour-de-force in miniature. Beginning with "Perplexities", and following a brilliant, step by step development, it carries the reader along on a current of thought that inevitably leads to a clear understanding of the fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics and their significance to modern thought in physics.
Dr. Polkinghorne recognizes that his readers are most likely NOT mathematically sophisticated; yet, he does not render Quantum Mechanics in allegorical terms which may tend to be misleading, but carefully describes the nature of mathematical thought, and shows how it is used in formulating and using the theory itself. He also provides rare and extremely valuable insight into the provisional nature of a scientific theory. This book is a priceless gem amidst the voluminous popular literature on physics.
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