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Welty J., Rorrer G.L., Foster D.G. Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer

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Welty J., Rorrer G.L., Foster D.G. Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer
6th Edition. — Wiley, 2015. — 770 p. — ISBN 978-0-470-50481-9.
Applications of engineering science fundamentals have changed in many wayssince the first edition was published. We now consider devices such as inkjet printers, macro- and micro-scale chemical reactors, and a myriad of biological and physical processes that were unheard of over 45 years ago. These and other applications are considered in the 6th edition; however, the fundamentals of momentum, heat, and mass transport used in analyzing these processes remain unchanged.
This text is intended for use by sophomore- or junior-level engineering students whose technical interests require an understanding of transport phenomena. The most likely users include students majoring in Chemical, Mechanical, Environmental and Biochemical engineering. Other engineering majors will also find the ideas of commonality among fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer to be useful and important. It is assumed that students using this book will have completed courses in calculus and in mass and energy balances. A rudimentary knowledge of differential equations is also recommended. Computer competency among students using this text is assumed. Students may find it useful to solve some assigned homework problems using numerical computing packages; however, the bulk of our problems can be solved using fundamental mathematical methods
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