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Hucknall D.J, Morris A. Vacuum Technology: Calculations in Chemistry

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Hucknall D.J, Morris A. Vacuum Technology: Calculations in Chemistry
The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2003. X, 233 p. — ISBN 0-85404-651-8.
An accessible and applicable guide to quantitative problem solving in vacuum technology, this book is aimed at newcomers, students and the experienced practitioner. It contains essential information and worked examples for those using vacuum technology in chemical applications and who are involved in the design and operation of vacuum equipment. Using step by step solutions of example calculations and formulae, Vacuum Technology: Calculations in Chemistry sets out to encourage readers to quantify their own systems so that they can ensure efficient operation and fault finding. Whilst emphasising the use of appropriate units in calculations and using well known expressions in vacuum technology throughout, the book includes:
formulae necessary for quantitative vacuum technology
commonly required data for common gases in tabulated form
schematic diagrams of systems and layouts This book is certain to be a confidence inspiring publication for use in both research and industry.
Gas Flow
Pumps and Pumping Systems
Gas Sources and Attainable Pressure in Vacuum Systems
Total and Partial Vacuum Pressure Measurement
Some Applications of Vacuum Technology
Subject Index
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