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Deng Y. Lectures, Problems and Solutions for Ordinary Differential Equations

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Deng Y. Lectures, Problems and Solutions for Ordinary Differential Equations
World Scientific Publishing, 2014. — 600 p. — ISBN: 9814632244, 9789814632249
This unique book on ordinary differential equations addresses practical issues of composing and solving such equations by large number of examples and homework problems with solutions. These problems originate in engineering, finance, as well as science at appropriate levels that readers with the basic knowledge of calculus, physics or economics are assumed able to follow.
This book, Lectures, Problems and Solutions for Ordinary Differential Equations, results from more than 20 revisions of lectures, exams, and homework assignments to approximately 5,000 students in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Stony Brook University over the past 30 semesters. The book contains notes for twenty-five 80-minute lectures and approximately 1,000 problems with solutions. Creating another ODEs book is probably more unnecessary than reinventing the wheel. Yet, I constructed this manuscript differently by focusing on gathering and inventing examples from physical and life sciences, engineering, economics, and other real-world applications. These examples, partly adapted from well-known textbooks and partly freshly composed, focus on illustrating the applications of ordinary differential equations. The examples are much stronger stimuli to students for learning to prove the theorems while mastering the art of applying them.
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