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Choraś R.S. (ed.) Image Processing & Communications Challenges 6

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Choraś R.S. (ed.) Image Processing & Communications Challenges 6
Издательство Springer, 2015, -328 pp.
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the proceedings of the 6th International Image Processing and Communications Conference (IP&C 2014) held in Bydgoszcz, 10–12 September 2014.
At the same time is growing interest in Image Processing and Communications and its applications in science, engineering, medical image analysis and biometrics.
IP&C is a central topic in contemporary computer and IT science and are interdisciplinary areas, where researchers and practitioners may find interesting problems which can be successfully solved.
The present book includes a set of papers on actual problems of research and application of image processing and communications technologies. I sincerely hope that this book provides a good view into research presented at the IP&C 2014 Conference and will offer opportunities for professional growth. The book consists of two sections: Image processing and Communications.
Part I: Image Processing
Two-Dimensional Hidden Markov Models in Road Signs Recognition
Evaluating the Mutual Position of Objects on the Visual Scene Using Morphological Processing and Reasoning
Vascular Biometry
Clustering-Based Retrieval of Similar Outfits Based on Clothes Visual Characteristics
Improving Shape Retrieval and Classification Rates through Low-Dimensional Features Fusion
Accelerating the 3D Random Walker Image Segmentation Algorithm by Image Graph Reduction and GPU Computing
Computed Tomography Images Denoising with Markov Random Field Model Parametrized by Prewitt Mask
Neural Video Compression Algorithm
Discovering Important Regions of Cytological Slides Using Classification Tree
Gaussian Mixture Model Based Non-local Means Technique for Mixed Noise Suppression in Color Images
Robust Image Retrieval Based on Mixture Modeling of Weighted Spatio-color Information
Automatic Classification of Tahitian Pearls
Noise Reduction in Ultrasound Images Based on the Concept of Local Neighborhood Exploration
Viterbi Algorithm for Noise Line Following Robots
Influence of Impulse Noise on ST–TBD and Viterbi Track–Before–Detect Algorithms
Hybrid Shape Descriptors for an Improved Weld Defect Retrieval in Radiographic Testing
On the Usefulness of Combined Metrics for 3D Image Quality Assessment
Application of Super-Resolution Algorithms for the Navigation of Autonomous Mobile Robots
Image Processing with Process Migration
Automatic Extraction of Business Logic from Digital Documents
Comparison of Assessment Regularity Methods Dedicated to Isotropic Cells Structures Analysis
Towards Automated Cell Segmentation in Corneal Endothelium Images
A Texture-Based Energy for Active Contour Image Segmentation
Object Localization and Detection Using Variance Filter
The Impact of the Image Feature Detector and Descriptor Choice on Visual SLAM Accuracy
Face Recognition: Shape versus Texture
Spatio-temporal Digital Path Approach to Video Enhancement
Emotion Recognition for Affect Aware Video Games
Registration and Analysis of Data during Registration and Exposure Process
Detection of Defects in Carbon-Fiber Composites Using Computer-Vision-Based Processing of Microwave Maps
Part II: Communications
Network Anomaly Detection Based on ARFIMA Model
Is European Broadband Ready for Smart Grid?
A Simulator Concept for Cloud Computing Infrastructure
The New Model of Limited Availability Group
Hardening Web Applications against SQL Injection Attacks Using Anomaly Detection Approach
Versatile Remote Access Environment for Computer Networking Laboratory
A Low Bitrate Video Transmission for IP Networks
Dynamic Routing and Spectrum Assignment for Varying Traffic in Flexible Optical Networks
Reduction of Reference Set for Network Data Analyzing Using the Bubble Algorithm
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