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Herrmann J.W. Handbook of Production Scheduling

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Herrmann J.W. Handbook of Production Scheduling
Springer, 2006. — 330 p. — ISBN: 0387331158, 9780387331171
The Handbook of Production Scheduling concentrates on real-world production scheduling in factories and industrial settings. It includes industry case studies that use innovative techniques as well as academic research results that can be used to improve real-world production scheduling. Its purpose is to present scheduling principles, advanced tools, and examples of innovative scheduling systems to persons who could use this information to improve production scheduling in their own organization.
A History of Production Scheduling.- The Human Factor in Planning and Scheduling.- Organizational, Systems and Human Issues in Production Planning, Scheduling and Control.- Decision-Making Systems in Production Scheduling.- Scheduling and Simulation.- Rescheduling Strategies, Policies, and Methods.- A Practical View of the Complexity in Developing Master Production Schedules: Fundamentals, Examples, and Implementation.- Coordination Issues in Supply Chain Planning and Scheduling.- Semiconductor Manufacturing Scheduling and Dispatching.- The Slab Design Problem in the Steel Industry.- A Review of Long- and Short-Term Production Scheduling at Lkab’s Kiruna Mine.- Scheduling Models for Optimizing Human Performance and Well-Being.
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