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Brode H.L., Enstrom J.E. Interior ballistics and gun flash and smoke

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Brode H.L., Enstrom J.E. Interior ballistics and gun flash and smoke
(Броде Х.Л., Энстром Д.E Внутренняя баллистика вспышки и облака порохових газов при выстреле).
The RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, California, USA, 1969, -52 p.
Large and small caliber guns have long been important tools of warfare and still are. A detailed understanding of the gas dynamics in a discharged gun could be of great help in the design of new guns, shells or charges. Such knowledge is also important to efforts to suppress or detect gun smoke, gun flash, and gun blast. The work reported on in this memorandum was prompted by a need for quantitative data on temperatures and densities in the gun exhaust pertinent to detection by radar or infrared scanning devices. Dr. William G. McMillan first directed our attention to this problem, and we are further indebted to him for suggesting sources for experimental data.
The methods are developed here for interior ballistics. Calculations of this sort are capable of modeling gun performance well enough to be an important supplement to empirical gun tests and charge firing trials. In addition, some understanding of gun flash, blast, and smoke have been gained by extensions of these methods.
We are greatly indebted to the personnel of the U.S. Naval Weapons Laboratory, Dahlgren, Virginia (principally Dave Bowen, with the cooperation of Frank Kasdorf) for the collection and interpretation of gun characteristics and firing sequence data used for inputs to and comparison with our calculations.
Helpful discussions with Alan Shapiro here at Rand are also acknowledged as is the prior interest in this subject by Jack Craig. We would also like to thank Wakichi Asano for his valuable programming assistance.
This work represents a progress report, since the authors can foresee further investigations of charge characteristics, energy losses in the barrel, and other non-ideal effects, as well as a more detailed hydrodynamical model of the smoke and flash. Expressions of interest in such extensions and criticisms of the work presented here are welcomed.
Interior ballistics.
Mathematical formulation.
Numerical solution.
Results and discussion.
Flash and smoke.
Mathematical formulation.
Numerical solution.
Results and discussion.
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