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Parliamentary Elections in Great Britain

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Parliamentary Elections in Great Britain
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Parliamentary Elections in Great Britain.
Parliament is one of the most important parts of national life in Britain. You will also recall that the most important part of the Parliament is the House of Commons, the body composed of the elected representatives of Great Britain.
Elections to the House of Commons, known as parliamentary elections, form the basis of Britain's democratic system. Unlike heads of Government in some countries, the Prime Minister is not directly elected by voters, although he or she is an elected Member of Parliament - an MP. Instead, The Prime Minister depends on the support of a majority of his or her fellow elected representatives in the House of Commons.
Найдите английские эквиваленты.
Дополнительные выборы, отставка, избиратель, Консервативная партия, Лейбористская партия, Либеральные демократы, секретное голосование, добровольный, банкрот, в интересах кого-либо.
Соотнесите английские и русские словосочетания.
каждое место оспаривается a) to be legally barred from voting.
быть юридически отстраненным от голосования b) clergy.
приговорить к тюремному заключению с) to nominate.
выставлять кандидата (на выборах) d) polling district.
избирательный округ е) every seat is contested.
избирательный пункт f) to sentence to imprisonment.
духовенство g) polling station.
Соотнесите слова с соответствующим определением.
Candidate a. a body of voters in a specified area who elect a representative.
member to a legislative body.
Constituency b. a person who has the right to vote.
By-Elections с a body of electors Election campaign d. an organised course of action to arouse public interest before a.
political election.
Polling day e. a person who is nominated for an office Manifesto f. the day of a local or general election.
Elector g. a public declaration of policy and aims issued before an election by.
a political party, candidate, government, etc.
Electorate h. the election of an MP in a single constituency to fill a vacancy.
arising during a government's term of office.
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What is one of the most important parts of national life in Britain?
What forms the basis of Britain's democratic system?
How is the Prime Minister elected?
How many types of elections are there in Britain?
How often are General Elections held?
How many constituencies are there in Britain?
s voting in elections compulsory?
Who may stand for election?
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