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Batchelor B., Waltz F. Interactive Image Processing for Machine

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Batchelor B., Waltz F. Interactive Image Processing for Machine
Издательство Springer, 1993, -394 pp.
Machine vision systems offer great potential in a large number of areas of manufacturing industry and are used principally for Automated Visual Inspection and Robot Vision. This publication presents the state of the art in image processing. It discusses techniques which have been developed for designing machines for use in industrial inspection and robot control, putting the emphasis on software and algorithms. A comprehensive set of image processing subroutines, which together form the basic vocabulary for the versatile image processing language IIPL, is presented. This language has proved to be extremely effective, working as a design tool, in solving numerous practical inspection problems. The merging of this language with Prolog provides an even more powerful facility which retains the benefits of human and machine intelligence. The authors bring together the practical experience and the picture material from a leading industrial research laboratory and the mathematical foundations necessary to understand and apply concepts in image processing. Interactive Image Processing is a self-contained reference book that can also be used in graduate level courses in electrical engineering, computer science and physics.
Setting the Scene
Principles of Digital Image Processing
Syntax of IIPL (Interactive Image Processing Language)
Practical Considerations
Applications Case Studies
Integrating IIPL with Prolog
In Conclusion
A: Basic Functions
B: Sample Macros
C: Images for Applications Case Studies
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