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Vogt Evon Zartman, Leventhal Richard M. (ed.). Prehistoric Settlement Patterns: Essays in Honor of Gordon R. Willey

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Vogt Evon Zartman, Leventhal Richard M. (ed.). Prehistoric Settlement Patterns: Essays in Honor of Gordon R. Willey
Collected works. — Cambridge: University of New Mexico Press and Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, 1983. — 519 p.
Table of contents:
Introduction, Evon Z. Vogt and Richard M. Leventhal
Settlement Pattern Themes
Some New Themes in Settlement Pattern Research, Evon Z. Vogt
Household Studies
To the Salt of the Earth: Some Comments on Household Archaeology Among the Maya, William L. Rathje
An Assessment of Classic Maya Household Composition, Gair Toutellot
Household Groups and Classic Maya Religion, Richard M. Leventhal
Comunity Organization
To Quench the Thirst: Water and Settlement in Central America and Beyond, Wolfgang Haberland
Ancient and Contemporary Maya Settlement Patterns: A New Look from the Chiapas Highlands, Evon Z. Vogt
Buildings Are for People: Speculations on the Aesthetics and Cultural Impact of Structures and Their Arrangement, Donald S. Thompson
Social, Spatial, and Temporal Relations: Diola Villages in Archaeological Perspective, Olga F. Linares
Landscape with Figures: Settlement Patterns, Locational Models, and Politics in Mesoamerica, Warwick Bray
On the Nature of the Mesoamerican City, Joyce Marcus
A Tale of Three Cities: Energetics and Urbanization in Pre-Hispanic Mexico, William T. Sanders and Robert S. Santley
Regional Analysis
Coastal Settlement In European Prehistory with Special Reference to Fennoscandia, Grahame Clark
Ancient Land Use and Culture History in the Pasion River Region, R.E.W. Adams
Inca Settlement Patterns in a Marginal Province of the Empire: Sociocultural Implications, Alberto Rex Gonzalez
Settlement Patterns in Chinese Archaeology: A Case Study from the Bronze Age, K.C. Chang
Political Systems in Lowland Yucatan: Dynamics and Structure in Maya Settlement, David A. Freidel
Concepts and Methods
The Effect of Settlement Pattern Studies on the Archaeology of Central Mexico, Ignacio Bernal
Mesoamerican Ethnohistorical Sources and Their Relevance to Pre-Hispanic Setllement Pattern Studies, H.B. Nocholson
Classic maya Settlement Pattern Studies: Past Problems, Future Prospects, Jeremy A. Sabloff
Patterns of Settlement and Preservation in the Viru and Moche Valleys, Michael E. Moseley
Settlement Patterns and Archaeology: Some Comments, Gordon R. Willey
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