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Osprey Campaign №078. David Nicolle. Constantinople 1453: The end of Byzantium

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Osprey Campaign №078. David Nicolle. Constantinople 1453: The end of Byzantium
Osprey Publishing, 2000. — 96 pp. — ISBN: 1-84176-091-9.
This Osprey title details the epic four-month siege of the city of Constantinople in 1453, last vestige of the once mighty Roman and Byzantine Empires. Mehmet 'The Conqueror' led an army of 80,000 men with a massive siege train against the city. Defending were a mere 10,000 men under the Emperor Constantine XI. The Turkish artillery battered the ancient city walls mercilessly, levelling a large section. A gallant defence held off the massive Turkish assault for several hours. Refusing appeals to flee, Constantine returned to the breaches and fought until overwhelmed and killed. Thus died the last Emperor of the Byzantines, and with him his once glorious empire.
The Origins of the Campaign
Opposing Commanders

Ottoman Leaders.
Christian Leaders.
The Opposing Armies
Ottoman Armies.
Christian Forces.
The Campaign
Closing the Noose.
The Siege Begins.
The Ottomans take the Golden Horn.
The Fall of the city.
Aftermath and Reckoning
Escape, Ransom or Execution.
A Multi-cultural Empire.
A Shock for Christendom.
The Battlefield Today
Further Reading
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