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Cantoni V. (ed.) Human and Machine Vision. Analogies and Divergencies

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Cantoni V. (ed.) Human and Machine Vision. Analogies and Divergencies
Издательство Springer, 1994, -399 pp.
The following are the proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Perception held in Pavia, Italy, on September 27-30, 1993, under the auspices of four institutions: the Group of Cybernetic and Biophysics (GNCB)s of the National Research Council (CNR), the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI * IA), the Italian Association of Psychology (AlP), and the Italian Chapter of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR). The theme of this third workshop was: "Human and Machine Vision: Analogies and Divergencies."
A wide spectrum of topics was covered, ranging from neurophysiology, to computer architecture, to psychology, to image understanding, etc. For this reason the structure of this workshop was quite different from those of the first two held in Parma (1991), and Trieste (1992). This time the workshop was composed of just eight modules, each one consisting of two invited lectures (dealing with vision in nature and machines, respectively) and a common panel discussion (including the two lecturers and three invited panellists).
The lectures aimed at presenting the state-of-the-art and outlining open questions. In particular, they were intended to stress links, suggesting possible synergies between different cultural areas. The panel discussion was conceived as a forum for an open debate, briefly introduced by each panellist, and mainly aimed at a deeper investigation of "analogies and divergencies" between the different approaches to vision, including the search for possible new solutions to problems in the different fields. The panellists were asked to prepare a few statements on hot-points as a guide for discussion. These statements were delivered to the participants together with the final program, for more qualified discussion.
The Phylogenetic Evolution of the Visual System
A Control View to Vision Architectures
Panel Summary - One Model for Vision Systems?
Structure and Function in the Retina
On-Chip Vision
Panel Summary - Foveation, Log-Polar Mapping and Multiscale Approaches to Early Vision
Neurophysiology of the Striate Cortex
Visual Form Representation
Panel Summary - Looking for Visual Primitives
The Oculomotor System
Active Vision
Panel Summary - Allocation of Attention in Vision
New Wine in Old Barrels: Knowing How to Move Tells Us How to Perceive Movement
Motion Analysis
Panel Summary - Dynamic Perception of the Environment
Visual Cognition and Cognitive Modeling
Models and Descriptions in Machine Vision
Panel Summary - Icons and Words: Metaphors and Symbolisms
Visual Thinking: Stability and Self-Organisation
Spatial Reasoning as a Tool for Scene Generation and Recognition
Panel Summary - Image Interpretation and Ambiguities
From Imagery to Imagination
Neural Networks, Fuzziness and Image Processing
Panel Summary - Perceptual Learning and Discovering
Evening Presentation - The State of the Art in Virtual Reality
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