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Paul J. Conroy. Gun tube heating

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Paul J. Conroy. Gun tube heating
(Пол Дж. Конрой. Нагрев артиллерийских стволов).
Technical report. - Aberdeen proving ground, Maryland: ballistic research laboratory, 1991. – 41 p.
A one-dimensional gun tube healing model has been coupled to an interior ballistic code. The ballistic code models the two-phase interior ballistic cycle and provides intensive and extensive properties throughout the cycle. At the inner wall of the gun tube, a turbulent boundary layer correlation is used to compute the heat flux to the wall. This correlation incorporates the compressibility of the flow in calculating the Reynolds number and skin friction coefficient. Within the tube wall, the one-dimensional radial heat conduction equation is solved.
The model is used to investigate gun tube thermal profiles over multiple firings with variable firing rates for two different weapons. Results are used to describe the transient heating of the gun tube over a long period of continuous firing. Potential firing scenarios are presented and discussed. Numerical results are compared to experimental work performed in the past. An extensive reference list is also included.
Analytical description.
Numerical calculations.
Code improvements under implementation or consideration.
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