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Rao V.S. Yalamanchili. Unsteady heat transfer analysis for chosen ammunition and gun

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Rao V.S. Yalamanchili. Unsteady heat transfer analysis for chosen ammunition and gun
(Рао В. С. Яламанчили. Нестационарный анализ теплопередачи для выбранных боеприпасов и оружия).
Technical report. -Rock Island, Illinois: Weapons laboratory Army Weapons Command, 1972. – 61 p.
A study is being made by personnel of the Research Directorate, Weapons Laboratory, WECOM to establish a capability to perform overall heat transfer analysis for any given dimensions of a weapon and for any specified propellant characteristics. With respect to this goal, the propellant gas convective heat transfer problem was divided into five subproblems. (1) generation of thermo-chemical properties for any given propellant; (2) transient inviscid compressible flow through the gun barrel, core flow; (3) transient viscous compressible flow on the bore surface boundary layers (4) unsteady heat diffusion through the gun tube, and (5) unsteady free convection and radiation outside the gun tube An exact numerical solution for the unsteady compressible, inviscid momentum and continuity equations by the method of characteristics was obtained. In general the linear velocity gradient assumption was much more appropriate than the uniform density assumption. However, for the first portion of bullet travel (approximately 20 per cent), neither of these assumptions was valid Analytical boundary layer analysis procedure was developed on the basis of the transient compressible boundary layer momentum integral equation. Convective heat transfer was evaluated with the Chilton-Colburn analogy Input, output, and the computer program listing are given for the Lagrange approximation and for the exponential wall shear laws The free convection and radiation around the gun tube are of the same order of magnitude The coupling between the problems was also discussed.
Thermochemical Properties of Propellant Gases.
Classification of Flow in Gun Barrels.
Unsteady Core-Flow Analysis.
Unsteady Boundary Layer Analysis.
Unsteady Free Convection and Radiation Outside the Gun Tube.
Combined Analysis.
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