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Darmont A. High Dynamic Range Imaging. Sensors and Architectures

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Darmont A. High Dynamic Range Imaging. Sensors and Architectures
Издательство SPIE Press, 2012, -140 pp.
This book provides readers with an intermediate knowledge of high dynamic range (HDR) image sensors and techniques for industrial and nonindustrial applications. HDR is increasingly being used in automotive on-board systems, road traffic monitoring, and in industrial, security, and military applications. It offers advantages such as greater robustness against direct sunlight or reflection of strong lights on metals, and a better detection of objects located in shadows. The book is not about the artistic side of HDR images, although some aspects of HDR photography are mentioned. Instead, it describes various sensor and pixel architectures to achieve HDR imaging, as well as software approaches to create HDR images out of lower dynamic range sensors or image sets. Some methods for automatic control of exposure and dynamic range of image sensors are introduced. The most important optical effects are also considered.
Dynamic Range
Hardware Methods to Extend the Dynamic Range
Software Methods to Extend the Dynamic Range
Optical Limitations
Automatic High Dynamic Range Control
High Dynamic Range File Formats
Testing High Dynamic Range Sensors, Cameras, and Systems
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