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Schrock M. Edward Quality control and statistical methods

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Schrock M. Edward Quality control and statistical methods
New York, 1957, Reinhold Publishing Corporation, Second edition, 262 р.
During the years since this book was first published, there has been an extensive increase in the use of modern quality control techniques and in the development of formal quality control programs. There has also been considerable development in the literature of the field with respect to specialized applications of statistical methods.
It is becoming apparent that as important as statistical and other specialized techniques may be, they will not in themselves assure the success of a quality control program. Proper organization and sound administration are essential to the success of such a program (and most other programs). Groups attending quality control conventions and conferences have been showing an increased interest in how to start quality control programs and how to make them effective. For this reason, chapters on the development of the modern quality control field and on the problems associated with organizing a quality control program have been added to this text.
To meet the needs of those primarily interested in statistical techniques, chapters have been added on rapid approximate tests of significance and analysis of variance. To increase the usefulness of the book as a, text for teaching quality control, problems have been added at the end of appropriate chapters.
The writer is especially indebted to J. M. Juran for an understanding of many of the fundamental concepts concerned with the organization and administration of quality control programs, and to L. A. Knowler for help-ful suggestions in connection with the revision.
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