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Fiete R.D. Modeling the Imaging Chain of Digital Cameras

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Fiete R.D. Modeling the Imaging Chain of Digital Cameras
Издательство SPIE Press, 2010, -225 pp.
This tutorial aims to help people interested in designing digital cameras who have not had the opportunity to delve into the mathematical modeling that allows understanding of how a digital image is created. My involvement with developing models for the imaging chain began with my fascination in the fact that image processing allows us to see mathematics. What does a Fourier transform look like? What do derivatives look like? We can visualize the mathematical operations by applying them to images and interpreting the outcomes. It was then a short jump to investigate the mathematical operations that describe the physical process of forming an image. As my interest in camera design grew, I wanted to learn how different design elements influenced the final image. More importantly, can we see how modifications to a camera design will affect the image before any hardware is built? Through the generous help of very intelligent professors, friends, and colleagues I was able to gain a better understanding of how to model the image formation process for digital cameras.
Modeling the Imaging Chain of Digital Cameras is derived from a course that I teach to share my perspectives on this topic. This book is written as a tutorial, so many details are left out and assumptions made in order to generalize some of the more difficult concepts. I urge the reader to pick up the references and other sources to gain a more in-depth understanding of modeling the different elements of the imaging chain. I hope that the reader finds many of the discussions and illustrations helpful, and I hope that others will find modeling the imaging chain as fascinating as I do.
The Importance of Modeling the Imaging Chain
The Imaging Chain and Applications
Digital Sensors
The Story of Q
Image Enhancement Processing
Image Interpretability
Image Simulations
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