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Fluid dynamics aspects of internal ballistics

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Fluid dynamics aspects of internal ballistics
(Гидродинамические аспекты внутренней баллистики).
Report. London: AGARD, 1982. – 62 p.
The Fluid Dynamics Panel of AGARD acknowledges the work of the Members of the Working Group on "Fluid Dynamics of Internal Ballistics" and the support from the participating nations for attendance of members and other personnel at the four meetings of the group. Special recognition is given to the Chairman and to the others who prepared this report of the group and who are listed in the table of contents. The national support for two meetings held in St.Louis, France, the workshop and meeting held in Shrivenham, UK, and the final meeting held in Colleferro, Italy, is also appreciated.
The interior ballistic cycle.
Related flow phenomena.
Related theory.
Specific problems in interior ballistics.
Summary and conclusions.
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