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Nee A.Y.C. (Ed.) Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

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Nee A.Y.C. (Ed.) Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
Springer London Heidelberg New York Dordrecht, 2015. XLV, 3500 p. 2162 illus., 1260 illus. in color. In 6 volumes, not available separately. — ISBN 978-1-4471-4671-1 (print and electronic bundle).
Analyses and describes both basic and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies at overview and in-depth levels
Enables readers to understand fundamental concepts, processes, practices and technologies in manufacturing engineering
Collates knowledge and experience from academia and industry world-wide, including from new manufacturing locations
The Springer Reference Work Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology provides overviews and in-depth and authoritative analyses on the basic and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and sciences across a broad spectrum of areas. These topics are commonly encountered in industries as well as in academia. Manufacturing engineering curricula across universities are now essential topics covered in major universities worldwide.
Content Level » Research
Keywords » Industrial and Production Engineering - Manufacturing, Machines, Tools -Mechatronics - Robotics and Automation
Related subjects » Electronics & Electrical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - Production & Process Engineering - Robotics
Table of Contents
Forming and Joining
Forming of Polymer and Composite Materials
Fundamentals of polymers and polymercomposite
Properties and Applications of Polymer Nanocomposites
Polymer Surface Treatment and Coating Technologies
Polymer Foam Technology
Metal forming
Bulk Metal Forming Processes in Manufacturing
Materials in Metal Forming
Roll Forming
Metal Casting
Incremental Metal Forming processes in manufacturing
Combined Sheet and bulk forming of high value added components in manufacturing
Powder processing of bulk components in manufacturing
Materials Joining
Solid state welding processes in manufacturing
Manufacturing process: Arc welding
High energy beam welding processes in manufacturing
Solid state microjoining processes in manufacturing
Process of Nanojoining
Solder Joint Technology
Adhesive bonding technology
Machining and Tolerancing Systems
Machining.- of Machining
Machine tools for machining
Machining Dynamics in Manufacturing
Machinability of Engineering Materials
Machining process monitoring
Coolant and lubrication in machining
Fixed Abrasive Machining
Loose abrasive machining
Mechanical Micro-machining
Hybrid Machining Process
Environmentally friendly machining
Simulation and modeling in machining
Virtual machining
Tolerancing system
Computer aided angular tolerance charting system: Implementation
Nanomanufacturing and Non-Traditional Machining
Nanomanufacturing using ion beam technology
Introduction to Nanomanufacturing Using Ion Beam Technology
State-of-the-Art for Nanomanufacturing using Ion Beam Technology
Ion Beam Instruments Used for Nanomanufacturing
Ion Beam Figuring Technology
Focused Ion Beam Nanofabrication Technology
Nanometric Cutting of Crystal Surfaces Modified by Ion Implantation
Micro Tools Fabrication by Focused Ion Beam technology
Nano-gap Electrodes Developed using Focused Ion Beam Technology
Plasma-based Nanomanufacturing Under Atmospheric Pressure
Non-traditional machining processes
Electrical Discharge Machining processes
Chemical Mechanical Machining process
Process of Laser Machining
Process of Ultrasonic Machining
WaterJet Machining process
Process of Biological Machining
Robotics and Automation
Robotics and Automation
Rigid-body Motions
Manipulator Kinematics
Manipulator Velocities and Static Forces
Manipulator Dynamics
Trajectory Planning
Motion Control.- Force Control
Robot Work Cell Calibration and Error Compensation
Grippers and End-effectors
Simulation and Offline Programming
Parallel Robots
Modular Robots
Cable-Driven Robots
Complaint Manipulators
Autonomous In-door Vehicles
Robotic Assembly.- Robotic Welding
Robotic Finishing
Additive Manufacturing and Surface Technology
Additive manufacturing
Rapid Manufacturing
Reverse Engineering for Additive Manufacturing
Rapid Prototyping in Manufacturing
Rapid Tooling in Manufacturing
Micro Prototyping and Fabrication in Manufacturing
Micro- And Bio- Rapid Prototyping Using Drop-On-Demand 3D Printing
Surface technology
Foresight of the Surface Technology in Manufacturing
Laser Surface Engineering
Laser Surface Treatment in Manufacturing
Physical Vapor Deposition in Manufacturing
Chemical Vapor Deposition in Manufacturing
Thermal and Cold Spraying Technology in Manufacturing
Electrochemical Processes in Manufacturing
Electrochemical Deposition and Characteristics of the Deposits
Magnetron sputtering technique
ALD: atomic layer deposition – precise and conformal coating for better performance
Surface Modification of Semiconductor via Simultaneous Thermal Oxidation and Nitridation Technique
Surface Treatments for Magnesium Alloys
Thermal Stress Analysis and Characterization of Themo-Mechanical Properties of thin films on an elastic substrate
Product Life Cycle and Manufacturing Simulation
Product life cycle and green manufacturing
Remanufacturing and Remaining Useful Life Assessment
Product Design for Remanufacturing
Product service supply-chain design
Product Characteristic Based Method for End-of-Life Product Recovery
Use of Embedded Smart Sensors in Products to Facilitate Remanufacturing
Pricing Strategies of Remanufacturing Business with Replacement Purchase.
Diesel engine block remanufacturing: Life cycle assessment
Sustainable Value Creation in Manufacturing at Product and Process Levels: Metrics-based Evaluation
Data Driven Modeling for Decision Making in Remanufacturing
Life Cycle Management of LCD TV – A case study
Manufacturing simulation and optimization
Resource scalability in networked manufacturing system: Social network analysis based approach
Improved Intelligent Water Drops Optimization Algorithm for Achieving Single and Multiple Objective Job Shop Scheduling Solutions
Process plan and scheduling integration for networked manufacturing using mobile-agent based approach.
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