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Hamdan M.O., Hejase H.A.N., Noura H.M., Fardoun A.A. (Eds.) ICREGA'14 - Renewable Energy: Generation and Applications

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Hamdan M.O., Hejase H.A.N., Noura H.M., Fardoun A.A. (Eds.) ICREGA'14 - Renewable Energy: Generation and Applications
Springer Cham Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London, 2014. XII, 713 p. 475 illus., 75 illus. in color. — ISBN 978-3-319-05707-1 ISBN 978-3-319-05708-8 (eBook) — (Springer Proceedings in Energy).
This book collects the edited and reviewed contributions presented in the 3rd International Conference on Renewable Energy: Generation and Applications ICREGA’14, organized by the UAE University in Al-Ain. This conference aims to disseminate knowledge on methods, policies and technologies related to renewable energy and it acknowledges the leadership of the UAE which committed to a 7% renewable energy target by
2020. The demands and developments in renewable energy generation and applications are rapidly growing and are facing many challenges at different levels such as basic science, engineering system design, energy policy and sustainable development. This edition presents new contributions related to recent renewable energy case studies, developments in biofuel, energy storage, solar and wind energy, integrated systems and sustainable power production. In the spirit of the ICREGA’14, the volume has been produced after the conference so that the authors had the possibility to incorporate comments and discussions raised during the meeting. The contributions have been grouped under the following topics:
Efficient Energy Utilization
Electrical Energy Market, Management and Economics
Energy Storage Systems
Environmental Issues
Fuel Cells Systems
Green Buildings
Intelligent Energy/Power Transmission and Distribution
Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Energy
Wind Energy Systems
Content Level » Research
Keywords » Betteries, Capacitors and Supercapacitors - Control Systems for Energy - Efficient Energy Utilization - Energy Management and Economics - Energy Storage Systems Systems -Energy Sustainability and Environmental Impact - Green Buildings - ICREGA14 Proceedings -Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Energy - Solar-thermal Energy STE - Wind Energy Systems -Wind Turbines
Related subjects » Applied & Technical Physics - Energy Efficiency - Energy Technology -Renewable and Green Energy
Table of Contents
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