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Rolt L.T.C. Tools for the job. A short history of machine tools

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Rolt L.T.C. Tools for the job. A short history of machine tools
London: B.T.Batsford Ltd., 1965. — 256 p.
It is impossible to study the history of technology without becoming aware of the crucially important part played in that history by machine tools and their makers. This book is covering objectively and comprehensively the interplay of metal-working production needs and complementary development of the machine tool in both the Old and New Worlds.
Author Mr L.T.C. Rolt is engineer-historian.
Machines in the craftsman's workshop
Industrial machine tools of the eighteenth century
The first machine shops
Henry Maudslay - metal cutting becomes an art
Clement, Fox, Roberts, Nasmyth and Whitworth
Drives, gears and gear-cutting machines
The rise of America - interchangeable manufacture
American mashine tools and their makers
The precision grinding machine and its influence
Metal cutting becomes a science
Tools of the twentieth century
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