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Sergienko V. Noise and Vibration in Friction Systems

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Sergienko V. Noise and Vibration in Friction Systems
Springer Cham Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London, 2015. XII, 251 p. 111 illus., 22 illus. in color. — ISBN 978-3-319-11333-3, ISBN 978-3-319-11334-0 (eBook) – (Springer Series in Materials Science, Vol. 212).
Discloses the role of self-oscillations in the generation of noise and vibration at friction
Includes the development of frictional materials to minimize noise and vibration generated by brakes
Summarizes investigations and tribological approaches to the problem of friction-induced noise and vibration
The book analyzes the basic problems of oscillation processes and theoretical aspects of noise and vibration in friction systems. It presents generalized information available in literature data and results of the authors in vibroacoustics of friction joints, including car brakes and transmissions. The authors consider the main approaches to abatement of noise and vibration in non-stationary friction processes. Special attention is paid to materials science aspects, in particular to advanced composite materials used to improve the vibroacoustic characteristics of tribopairs The book is intended for researchers and technicians, students and post-graduates specializing in mechanical engineering, maintenance of machines and transport means, production certification, problems of friction and vibroacoustics.
Content Level » Research
Keywords » Acoustic Radiation - Brake Squeal - Composite Materials - Excited Self-Oscillations -Friction Systems - Human Exposure to Noise and Vibration - Materials to Reduce Noise and Vibration - Nonstationary Friction Processes - Sound Waves - Vibration and Noise
Related subjects » Classical Continuum Physics - Mechanical Engineering - Mechanics
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