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Kohl C.-D., Wagner T. Gas Sensing Fundamentals

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Kohl C.-D., Wagner T. Gas Sensing Fundamentals
Springer Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London, 2014. IX, 342 p. 156 illus., 51 illus. in color. — ISBN 978-3-642-54518-4, ISBN 978-3-642-54519-1 (eBook)
A comprehensive review
Written by experts
Richly illustrated
This volume, which addresses various basic sensor principles, covers micro gravimetric sensors, semiconducting and nano tube sensors, calorimetric sensors and optical sensors. Furthermore, the authors discuss recent developments in the related sensitive layers including new properties of nano structured metal oxide layers. They provide in-depth insights into the unique chemistry and signal generation of copper oxide in percolating sensors and present a variety of applications of functional polymers made possible by proper imprinting.
Highlights of the subjects covered include:
requirements for high-temperature sensors
carbon nano tube sensors
new sensing model for nanostructured In2O3
bio mimetic approach for semiconductor sensor-based systems
optical readout for inorganic and organic semiconductor sensors
concept of virtual multisensors to improve specificity and selectivity
calorimetric sensors for hydrogen peroxide detection
percolation effect-based sensors to implement dosimeters
imprinted polymer layers for bulk and surface acoustic wave sensors
Content Level » Research
Keywords » Biomimetic - Calorimetric sensors - Carbon nanotube sensors - Gas sensors - High temperature sensors - Imprinted layers - Optical sensors - Percolation threshold sensors -Semiconducting sensors - Virtual multisensors
Related subjects » Analytical Chemistry - Applied & Technical Physics - Food Science & Nutrition- Optical & Electronic Materials
Table of Contents
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