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Miller Martin S. Thermophysical properties of six solid gun propellants

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Miller Martin S. Thermophysical properties of six solid gun propellants
(Миллер Мартин С. Теплофизические свойства шести твердых артиллерийских порохов).
Technical report. — Aberdeen: Army Research Laboratory, 1997. — 38 p.
Measurements are reported of the thermal conductivities and thermal diffusivities of six U.S. Army solid gun propellants over the temperature range -20C to +50C at atmospheric pressure. The propellants are members of the BRL research series propellants that have been widely distributed to research laboratories in the U.S. These propellants include representative types from each class of materials that are either in the fielded inventory or experimental ("X" prefix), i.e., a single base (M10), a double base (M9), a homogeneous triple base (JA2), a composite triple base (M30), a composite nitramine with inert plasticizer (XM39), and a composite nitramine with energetic plasticizer (M43). Conductivities and diffusivities were measured simultaneously using a new experimental technique developed specifically for the purpose. The experiment is designed to approximate the mathematical idealization of a one-dimensional, infinite, two-component, composite solid whose planar interface is subjected to a step-function heat flux. The average values obtained are estimated to be accurate to within ±5%, and least-squares polynomial fits are provided for convenient use of the data in calculations. For convenience, a table is given summarizing the polynomial fits from the present measurements and from previous measurements of the specific heats for the same propellant lots.
Experimental technique.
Propellant descriptions.
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