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Strang Gilbert. Calculus

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Strang Gilbert. Calculus
Wellesley: Wellesley-Cambridge Press, 1991. — 671 p.
The book is a useful resource for educators and self-learners alike. It is well organized, covers single variable and multivariable calculus in depth, and is rich with applications. There is also an online Instructor's Manual and a student Study Guide.
The right way to begin a calculus book is with calculus. This chapters will jump directly into the two problems that the subject was invented to solve. You will see what the questions are, and you will see an important part of the answer.
Introduction to Calculus.
Applications of the Derivative.
The Chain Rule.
Exponentials and Logarithms.
Techniques of Integration.
Applications of the Integral.
Polar Coordinates and Complex Numbers.
Infinite Series.
Vectors and Matrices.
Motion along a Curve.
Partial Derivatives.
Multiple Integrals.
Vector Calculus.
Mathematics after Calculus.
Study Guide For Chapter 1.
Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems.
Table of Integrals.
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