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Anderson J.C., Leaver K.D., Leevers P., Rawlings R.D. Materials Science for Engineers

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Anderson J.C., Leaver K.D., Leevers P., Rawlings R.D. Materials Science for Engineers
5th edition. — CRC Press, 2003. 888 p.
The study of the science of materials has become in recent years an integral part of virtually all university courses in engineering. The physicist, the chemist and the metallurgist may, rightly, claim that they study materials scientifically, but the reason for the emergence of the 'new' subject of materials science is that it encompasses all these disciplines. It was with this in mind that the present book was written. We hope that, in addition to providing for the engineer an introductory text on the structure and properties of engineering materials, the book will assist the student of physics, chemistry or metallurgy to comprehend the essential unity of these subjects under the all-embracing, though ill-defined, title 'materials science'.
The text is based on the introductory materials course given to all engineers at Imperial College, London. One of the problems in teaching an introductory course arises from the varying amounts of background knowledge possessed by the students. We have, therefore, assumed only an elementary knowledge of chemistry and a reasonable grounding in physics, because this is the combination most frequently encountered in engineering faculties.
The basis of materials science
The smallest building blocks: electrons, photons and their behaviour
The simplest atom: hydrogen
Atoms with many electrons: the periodic table
Molecules and interatomic bonding
The internal structure of crystals
Thermal properties: kinetic theory, phonons and phase changes
Crystal defects
Mechanical properties
Phase diagrams and microstructure of alloys
Polymers and plastics
Multiphase materials and composites
Electrical conduction in metals
Semiconductor materials processing
Magnetic materials
Dielectric, piezoelectric, ferroelectric and pyroelectric materials
Optical materials
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