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Crenshaw J. Math Toolkit for Real-Time Programming

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Crenshaw J. Math Toolkit for Real-Time Programming
Lawrence: CMP Books, 2000. - 466 p. - ISBN 978-1929629091.
Язык: English.
About the Author.
Jack Crenshaw holds a Ph.D. in physics from Auburn University (specialties in math, electronics, and advanced dynamics). He wrote his first computer program in 1956 and his first icrocomputer software a real-time, floating-point, Kalman filter-driven controller in 1976. He has been working with real-time software for embedded systems ever since, and thinks he might be beginning to get the hang of it. He is currently a senior principal design engineer for Alliant TechSystems, Inc., a contributing editor for Embedded Systems Programming magazine, and author of the popular 'Programmer's Toolbox' column. In his spare time, he likes to dabble in compiler theory, guidance.
and control theory, and help rehabilitate orphaned and injured wildlife.
Several years ago he wrote the on-line tutorial series Let’s Build a Compiler!
Author's site : http://jackcrenshaw.com.
Who This Book Is For.
Computers are for Computing.
Section Foundations.
Chapter Getting the Constants Right.
Chapter A Few Easy Pieces.
Chapter Dealing with Errors.
Section Fundamental Functions.
Chapter Square Root.
Chapter Getting the Sines Right.
Chapter Arctangents: An Angle–Space.
Chapter Logging In the Answers.
Section Numerical Calculus.
Chapter I Don’t Do Calculus.
Chapter Calculus by the Numbers.
Chapter Putting Numerical Calculus to Work.
Chapter The Runge–Kutta Method.
Chapter Dynamic Simulation.
Appendix A A C++ Tools Library.
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