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Bevan A. Statistical data analysis for the physical sciences

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Bevan A. Statistical data analysis for the physical sciences
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013. - 220p.
Data analysis lies at the heart of every experimental science. Providing a modern introduction to statistics, this book is ideal for undergraduates in physics. It introduces the necessary tools required to analyse data from experiments across a range of areas, making it a valuable resource for students. In addition to covering the basic topics, the book also takes in advanced and modern subjects, such as neural networks, decision trees, fitting techniques, and issues concerning limit or interval setting. Worked examples and case studies illustrate the techniques presented, and end-of-chapter exercises help test the reader's understanding of the material
Table of contents :
Visualising and quantifying the properties of data
Useful distributions
Uncertainty and errors
Confidence intervals
Hypothesis testing
Multivariate analysis
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