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Rathbone A.J. Manual for the Design of Steelwork Building Structures

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Rathbone A.J. Manual for the Design of Steelwork Building Structures
The Institution of Structural Engineers and The Institution of Civil Engineers, 2008. VI, 107 p. — ISBN: 978-1-906335-03-8.
Aims of the Manual
Scope of the Manual
Contents of the Manual
General format of the Manual
General principles
Designing for safety
Single-storey structures
Multi-storey braced structures
Forms of bracing
Movement joints
Load combinations
Applied loading
Additional horizontal loading
Limit states
Strength and stability limit states
Serviceability limit states
Fire resistance
Material properties
Design strength py
Brittle fracture
Modulus of elasticity
Coefficient of linear expansion
Beams – bending only
Uncased non-composite beams
Condition I: Full lateral restraint provided
Condition II: Full lateral restraint not provided
Cased beams
Design procedure
Single equal angles
Hollow sections
Single-storey buildings – general
mposed loading, Qk
Wind loading, Wk
Dead and service loading, Gk
Notional loading, Nk
Strength and stability limit states
Material selection
Structural form and framing
Fire resistance
Corrosion protection
Roof and wall cladding
Single-storey buildings – purlins and side rails
Cold-formed sections
Angles and hollow sections
Side rails
Cold-formed sections
Angles and hollow sections
Portal frames with pinned bases
Plastic design
Single-storey portals – sizing of rafters and columns
Sway and snap-through stability
Sway stability check
Snap-through stability check
Serviceability check – deflection
Check on position of plastic hinge in rafter and calculation of load capacity
Stability checks
Restraint of plastic hinges
Rafter stability
Stability of haunch
Stability of column
Lattice girder or truss with pin-based columns
Lattice girders or trusses
Columns for single-storey buildings braced in both directions
Single-storey buildings – other members, etc.
Gable posts
Bracing and tie members
Other members
The next step
Braced multi-storey buildings – general
Material selection
Structural form and framing
Fire resistance
Corrosion protection
Braced multi-storey buildings – columns in compression and bending
Uncased columns
Determination of effective length of columns
Column selection
Case I Columns braced in both directions – simple construction
Design procedure
Alternative design procedure for calculation of compressive resistance Pc for columns
Procedure for calculation of Mbs the buckling resistance moment for columns for simple construction
Case II Columns braced in both directions subject to applied moments other than nominal moments
Local capacity check
Overall buckling check
Cased columns
Design procedure
Braced multi-storey buildings – bracing and other members
Bracing members in compression only
Bracing members in compression and bending with moments other than those due to connection eccentricities
Bracing members in tension only
Angles, channels and T-sections
Other sections
Bracing member in tension and bending
braced multi-storey buildings – robustness
Class 1 and Class 2A Buildings
Class 2B Buildings
Class 3 Buildings
Braced multi-storey buildings – the next step
Completion of design
Checking all information
Preparation of design data list
Amendment of drawings as a basis for final calculations
Design/checking iteration
Spacing and edge distances
Strength checks
Fillet welds
Butt welds
Typical connections
Column bases
Design of base plates
Design of gusset
Beam-to-column and beam-to-beam connections for simple construction
Web cleats
Thin flexible end plates welded only to web
Fin plates
Block shear failure
Column-to-column splices
Column splices (ends prepared for contact in bearing)
Column-to-column splices (ends not prepared for contact in bearing)
Portal frame connections
Portal frame – haunch
Portal frame – ridge
Web buckling and bearing
appendix a Moment capacities for fully restrained beam
appendix b bending strength, Pb, for rolled sections
appendix C Capacity of uC columns (S355 steel)
appendix D Compressive strengths, Pc, for sections
appendix E Design data
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